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It's not the possibility of sex at all, it's just that I wouldn't let a boy spend the night at my house even if he were gay, and she a lesbian.  It's more of an equality thing, no boys, and no girls- and if she does come out and tell me they're dating, I've been allowing sleepovers this whole time because they were 'friends'. The whole issue is just confusing to me; I let her have female friends over, but not girlfriends, and no boys or boyfriends?  I remember when I...
They're 'just friends' but I suspect it's more, and she just isn't telling me because she doesn't want to lose the right to sleepovers.  And if I said that, it would basically be saying that I thought she was engaging in sexual activities, and I know that's not true at all. I know my daughter, and I know she's skittish at even hugging her friends.  She wouldn't do anything of that nature for a while.
...If it would be okay to have a girlfriend spend the night. I told her no, and she asked why, but I'm not even sure myself.  What would you tell your kids?  She's 16 (17 in 2 days!), so too old to give her the 'because I'm the parent' bit!
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