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Thanks for the warm welcome pokeyAC. Greetings to all the new members!
Hi there!   Welcome to Mothering.  I'm a new member as well, joined today.   I live in the Houston area.   I think that is pretty awesome of you being an aspiring midwife, doula, and birth educator.  I wish you the best of luck and success!
Mercy Otunla (Titi Otunla) is a part of the CNM midwifery team at The Women's Specialists of Houston that assisted me to deliver my first LO in 2010.    I delivered at Texas Children's Hospital.  The nurses there took great care of me after the delivery and even helped me to breastfeed.   Please call them to and ask them questions.  They're really a nice and very nurturing group of midwives. 
I have been a fan of Mothering.com for several years now and truly enjoy all that it has to offer.    I am looking forward to posting on the forums, learning from others as well as meeting new friends.   ~Peace
Hi TexasMama and Mothering community,   I am new to the Mothering forums.   I have taken my DD to see Dr. Arlette Pharo, D.O. @ Healing Arts Medical Center in the Heights.    427 W 20th St # 602 Houston, TX 77008 (713) 802-1177     Recently, I have introduced elderberry syrup to my DD, recommended by a friend.  It's a product by Nature's Way, Original Sambucus. It really helped to boost the immune system and deter a few colds.     I hope this...
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