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I love hylands because it's a brand I trust, it homeopathic and has helped my little girl get through colic, teething and a flu with ease.
maybe that's what it is, if that's the case that sucks i love my garlic. lol its weird too because i used to eat a lot of it before, i never had any issues with it and i eat a lot less of it now and its just started a month a go. I'll try to cut it out and see if that helps, thank you! :D
I do eat garlic but not every day, only a few times week at the most. My body does not smell, nor sweat... i did notice that when i got my cycle, the milk stopped smelling. My daughter is not affected by this but well, it bothers me. hahaha I even questioned if maybe i was pregnant but I just don't think that's it. it's weird, i tried searching the internet and the only people that had this issue where mothers who just gave birth. :-/
I also nurse my dd to sleep here and we co sleep and nurse through the night... I also have the back pain... though when shes sleep i sleep on my tummy but she eats about 4-5 times a night. I think its because i am not very chesty and i have to arch out more so she can feed. i would like to know as well what i can do to help my back. :-/
Hi There! so, here is my issue... I am still breastfeeding my daughter who is 21 Months old, lately my milk has been really smelly and her breath too, the smell is like onions or B.O. I clean well, I don't eat too much seasonings or anything and stay well hydrated. I am a little concerned why it's changed all of a sudden. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or if its a sign of anything? should I worry? Thank you so much for your replies. :)
my husband was amazing! he cooked, cleaned, changed diapers when he got home from work and even helped bathe her. we didnt really have much family around so it was just us, but a lot of mothers do the same. :) had i not been scared into getting an epidural things probably would have gone better. They missed the first time, did it a second time, i was allergic to it so i had to hold off my labor because of fevers and blood pressure... then i had a spinal leakage because...
We started at 5 months, i had supply issues thanks to inverted nipples and supplementing because of nipple shields, so i would lay all day on the sofa bf (i actually mean all day except for toilet breaks and shower which i would rush) so my pediatrician recommended cereal with breastmilk, we tried it but she didn't take to it so we gave her fruit and it was love at first sight and for once my child was not crying from hunger if she wasn't attached to me. she's never been...
I shared on facebook https://www.facebook.com/wasabilime/posts/578814065472335
We try to buy local, use as much eco friendly products as we can and buy as much organic foods as we can afford. We now make our own laundry detergent and cleaning products, we reuse or re-purpose as much as we can. We avoid outside food (takeout & delivery) I try to share as much or my love for nature as I can by going for walks, playing out side, growing some plants & herbs (we rent so everything has to be in a pot) and reading to her about it.
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