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EVERY large corporation will do something that someone doesn't agree with. No need to bombard with info, just go research, read, and then decide.
Congrats! I am 23 now, but I was 18 when I got pg with my husband. My parents still got very upset and we didn't talk for a month. Even though I was married, had been with my husband for 3 years already and we were doing well on our own. Honestly, I think parents do this because they have a hard time with accepting that you are growing up. Don't worry, if at first they get upset - they will get used to the idea quickly most likely.
Being that BIL works there, we have an automatic membership. Even if we had to pay for it, we would! We shop there about once a month, sometimes more often.
While I agree for the most part, I have a few friends who had full term babes with many probs upon birth. And while their experiences in NICU differed vastly from our experience of having twin preemies.. I could understand why they offered us advice. I didn't always take the advice easily, but I tried!
Trying to get ideas here.. I am not talking about the tables with sewing machines IN them. But I need a desk/table to put in our room for my machine. Not sure what I should get yet. Pictures and/or links are helpful. Thanks!
This is all I could find on it via a quick search: Quote: A study comparing the effects of social support during pregnancy with the use of epidural anesthesia revealed that epidural anesthesia administered during the first stage of labor was associated with later labor complications and interventions. Other studies have shown an association between the use of epidural anesthesia and back pain, fever in the mother, depression of the newborn infant and...
13 days.
Like I'd a waste a perfectly good tomato on someone I agree with? LOL.
Were these wrapped coconuts (like in paper) or just the coconut? How would you stick the label on? LMAO.
LOL!! When we were moving last year, MIL INSISTED on helping DH move things around (to clean the carpet). So she is moving the night stand, it opens and out comes a Jenna Jameson video DH has had for a LONG time.. MIL about fell over, DH had no idea and I am standing in the doorway thinking, "That serves you right for barging on in!" LOL.
New Posts  All Forums: