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I am so very sorry Kathleen. Hugs.
My 2, 4 and 6 year old share a room. we have no issues with the night. They wake up together and play in the morning. It is great! Sometimes my youngest will crawl into my 6 year old's bed, but he does not seem to mind. When the lights are out, they talk for a bit and then they fall asleep within 15 minutes. As one of the other ladies mentioned, it might be easier to have your 4 year old share a bed with an older sibling. Works great when they are frightened.
For a girl we will use Soleil Corinne after my mother. :) I am convinced it is a girl, so we have not decided on a boy name yet lol.
Do you have Healthy Families (low income families qualify) or MediCal? I am going through all of this right now because my husband is a business owner and we have no insurance. Have you applied? There are so many other programs.
I have one girl in the middle and I am praying so hard to have another girl too! I have a feeling it might be :).
I would love to just get out and camp too, so hard when my husband works so much. We sometimes just drive down to San Onofre beach, pack lunches, and stay all day. We do the park often and my husband fishes with the kids. Just getting out of the house is great. It is so small and makes me crazy! My three share a room, it is a master room with a bath but it is very tight with all the clothes and beds lol.
Reading all of your responses makes me feel a whole lot better. The family we have told looks at us like "are you serious??" a 4rth! People around here just don't have large families. I grew up in a family of six, we went camping all over the United states alone with my mother! I never thought it was a negative thing. We all had roles and helped around the house as much as we could. I am the oldest and it made me become interested in the teaching profession. I taught for...
That is wonderful, are you ladies excited? Nervous? We have a small house right now, so I am just nervous about space.
Are there any other mom's expecting #4?
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