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Bittersweet for sure, Starfish11. Right now my worries are a little out of control--and they get a little worse the more people we tell. And yet, I'm really enjoying telling people too--it's nice not to have to hide it anymore. I'm acting strange, needing lots to eat, eating out of my norm, needing lots of rest, and now I can just say why. My doc appointment is in five days--that should help a lot. 
Ultrafighter, so glad to hear that! Yay!   100% mom, thanks, I wasn't sure how it would go and it went really well. 
  Thanks, it did. She woke up for a few minutes and was alert enough to understand what we told her. She was semi-conscious the rest of the day.   Prayers and hugs for your appointment. I know what you mean, my worries ebb and flow too. I'm calmer now than when I first posted this. :-)
  That's something my mom mentioned to me, fortunately, at the beginning of our marriage. It has served us well!! Glad to hear there are others that do the same.
Ultra figher:   "Several days ago I was convinced that I just didn't feel pregnant anymore. Not that I really know what I'm supposed to feel since this is my first rodeo, but..."   I have felt that EXACT same way. Hugs. What was the news?   Thanks, superbeans, that's good advice. So far I feel like the people we have told (parents, siblings and a few close friends) are people that we'd want to tell even if we miscarried. So I'm comfortable with...
Prayers for you too, 100% mom! My first appointment with a real OB doc is the day after yours--although we did have an appointment with our midwife a week and a half ago and heard the heartbeat.
Almost two weeks ago we got to hear the baby's heartbeat. That was so wonderful and reassuring! Now the worries have started to creep back. Even though I haven't had any spotting or much cramping even, I'm worried. I had my first appointment with my midwife and am following up with my first appointment with an OB doc on the 24th--I couldn't get in sooner.   I'll be 13 weeks this Thursday and the plan was to tell family this weekend (aunts and uncles--parents and...
That's awesome that the pregnancy hormones have actually helped you assert yourself! Personally, I tend to be a little too eager to assert myself and there's times when it might be better for me to keep my mouth shut, so I have the opposite problem.
Thanks for answering, SilaMarila! Better late than never!  Yes, it really is pretty amazing the wide variation in prices.
Thanks ladies, all this is helping a lot! I can't believe how much variation in price there is, depending on the type of midwife and the area you live in, likely. Then again, I guess I can believe it.   My husband tends to overpay (in my opinion), I talked him down quite a bit to $100 for that first appointment. And I probably tend to be overly cautious. Hearing from all of you has really helped me figure this out and also think of a few more questions to ask my...
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