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Wengrin I see something!!!  (I won't move you to success stories though until you ask so that you're happy with what you see)   RosieL - fingers crossed for you too.  I guess you can only take over in October if you're still with us Still hoping I'll ovulate and join the fun soon - I love poas!!  ha ha
Wengrin - is this your BFP?!!! Fingers crossed I can add you to our success stories soon
List updated to here piratemere - how exciting!
Hello ladies! Thanks to everyone who's suggested b6 - I will definitely try that. Wengrin I'm so sorry - hope they can get your cycle back on track. tantylynn - that's really interesting about the whole estrogen thing.  I knew too much estrogen wasn't a good thing but its a fine balance I guess. RosieL - I think a TTC nursing mamas resources list is a great idea!  I'm not technical enough to even begin to put that together though - any takers? I've had terrible...
Cyclamen - my brother had a bad patch of eczema on his face a few months ago and I told him that DS's eczema cleared completely when I removed dairy from his diet.  My brother duly removed dairy from his and the eczema disappeared....  it definitely runs in the family so there's a good chance their baby might suffer.  I think that pointing out that breastfeeding helped clear DS's eczema (in that it was an 'alternative' to dairy based formula) would definitely win...
Right my best friend has just spent the day visiting us after a month on holiday.  She was cooing over DS all day and insisted I show her all his newborn pics....  I'm now super broody!  Its getting very exciting on this thread now.  I really hope this vitex works and I start ovulating again soon.
Thanks for your advice ladies - buying a scarf/sling is a really good idea.  I'll definitely do that.  Do you know, I can't really explain why I chose full term breastfeeding without sounding a bit 'holier than thou' about it - I have a strong family history of asthma, eczema and severe allergies so I kind of went in with the mindset that formula was just never an option from the start.  (Then when he was 7 months old we realised DS was lactose intolerant so we...
Stay positive tantylynn - its not over til AF officially crashes the party!! SoCaliMommy - I'm sooo bad at the whole temping/opk thing but its only because I'm back at work now and I work until 7pm, don't get home til 8 and by then the best time to check has passed.  I'm going to have to start taking them to work... I'm also thinking of trying accupunture like sierramtngirl but I'll have to get over my needle phobia first
Congratulations! I've added you on August's board.  It gives me hope it can be done every time we get a new success... although I'm still not ovulating   August thread is up and running ladies!  Please join us on August: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1387811/nursing-mamas-ttc-august
List updated to here - sierramtngirl, I've put you in 2ww and I'm crossing my fingers for you!   fishywishy, my mittleshmertz is like that...  Lots of period type cramps and back pain.  A lot of the time I can tell which side I ovulated from as well because the pain is over one side.
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