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List updated to here    I thought i had a faint + on the 4th of July... pretty sure now it was a cruel but pink looking evap tests since then have been ----. Ugh SoCaliMommy - Same here with my ovulation tests .  The line has actually got darker today but nowhere near good enough - hey, at least it's visible now without squinting!  DS is in no hurry to give up night time boobies just yet though.  Why can't teeth be less hassle???
Hi tantylynn I've added you in.  I agree, it's really nice to be trying with other nursing mamas - everyone else seems to say 'wean, wean, wean'!  In fact, everyone is saying that now DS is approaching 1, regardless of whether or not I mention TTC Just this week at work 2 more colleagues have announced their pregnancies now so I'm itching to catch that egg.
Thanks Mamajen - so am I!  We're going for baby #2 as soon as DS reduces his booby time enough.   I know it's not nice to know about early losses but for me it was vital to getting my treatment.  I guess it depends on the situation though - I think if you're going for #5 or 6 then you kind of already know everything's working!
As for me, well DS is now 11 months old and we went on holiday last month to Italy for 3 weeks.  It was really hot so DS slept better and fed less at night hence I now have my CM back - hooray!  Sorry, TMI.  I've read that this means my body is gearing back up to fertility and will probably resume ovulation in a few months.  But since then DS has started growing a molar and was up demanding boob every hour last night, sigh, 1 step forward, 2 steps back...  He's actually...
Here's my experience:  I test early and often and thank God I do!  If it wasn't for my frequent testing I would have had no idea about my 5 early losses in a row and would have never have had my surgery to correct the problem.  If I wasn't a POAS addict then I would probably have thought I just couldn't get pregnant and wasted loads of money on unnecessary rounds of IVF.  So I really do think its a very good thing to know about any early losses.
July thread is up and running ladies!
July                            Waiting to be ready  SierraBella  sraplayas AndtheStars LoveNFaith522 Waiting to Catch First PP Egg!  tanyato girlspn ChristinaMac Piratemere SoCaliMommy CrystalR   leavesofgrass element2012 TheCrunchyBrit fishywishy Waiting to...
I've missed this month's thread because I've been on an extended holiday but congrats to all who have their BFPs!!!  Has anyone started a July thread yet BTW? x
Still no AF for me yet.  Congrats to the ladies with BFPs though!  DS has dropped a night feed this week (athough he has a stinking cold and can't breathe well when he feeds so this may not be a permanent thing) so we'll see how June goes I guess
Congratulations morningtide!  Welcome to sierrabella.  Just a little tale though about timing for a boy or girl... The month I got pregnant with DS we DTD 5 days before I actually ovulated and then DH had a sporting injury and was put 'out of action' for the rest of the month   So I was convinced first of all that month was a write off but obviously when I saw the BFP I immediately became convinced it was a girl, as did everyone else I told.  I think its the Shettles...
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