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I knew about homebirths and midwives-but didn't 'know' about them? I was watching The Business of Being Born the other day (this was a few days after I decided to go with a midwife instead of an ob) and reading and watching other stories outside of that really has boosted my confidence in having a midwife. I wanted to deliver at a birth center but the nearest one is too far away, and right now, where I stay is not the best place to have a homebirth. too many kids and too...
You and your husband are just...heros. lol I can't think of any other word to say...amazing and strong. wow! congrats on your handsome little mister!! and thank you for posting i almost cried!!! <3
Well, I am having a hospital homebirth with my MW because the nearest birthing center is a good little drive. It'll only be my SIL and my DH there with me, along with my MW. I wanted a doula but we don't have the money for it and I don't think my medical coverage is going to pay for it. We will also be filming this too. I'm only allowed two extra people in the room with me so I can't have anymore if I wanted to. But that's fine because I can't stand a crowded...
Harper Tenley Reighann if its a girl :)
I Will only be having 2 u/s, going natural this time, and I am having a hospital midwife assisted birth. I'm really excited! I have been making my birth plan so that everyone is on board with what I want-and even if theyre not they better hop on the train! lol
Hello mamas! New here! I am due with #4 (and the very last) November 15. Hoping for another boy...but if we have another girl...I'm just going to spoil my son rotten lol.
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