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Even if your visitation schedule's vague, can there still not be more defined boundaries set up that you both must follow?  The heartache (or maybe heartburn?) may just continue or get worse if you don't.  Sorry this is so stressful.  Hugs and prayers for you!
I personally would not allow either, especially with your first baby, unless there's a problem.  If your baby's fine your fundal height is not getting huge, leave nature alone.  Inducing can be very hard on both baby and you.  Of course, if your baby's becoming distressed, or too big, then that too can be hard on them in birth.  But barring those complications, let your body and baby decide when the birth is, not some dr or midwife in a hurry. 
I feel badly for you. Although he doesn't seem willing to do anything at this point to reconcile, you know there are things you can work on from your end. Can you get some marriage counseling, or some resources on healing marriages, communication, etc? A great book is "Love and Respect" if you're looking. You may have felt your husband was getting everything he needed from your relationship when he was not, and the stress that came in may have just been the final straw for...
My daughter found that the cover-up makeup products that contain zink not only cover, but also heal.  Tbey're by far the best solution she's found.  You're basically covering with an antibiotic, instead of clogging and causing the blemish to get worse.  She's also begun using a sonic-type electric cleanser, but those can be pricey.  I'd only try them if these other suggestions given don't work. 
Your husband is a sweetie.  I'm guessing you've communicated clearly to him how very stressful this extended time with his family is for you?  Yes, you married him knowing he liked these extended family gatherings, but at the same time, marriage is about compromise and deferring to one another out of love.  I know that I personally couldn't handle that long at my in-law's, but they couldn't stand us there that long either, so I'm safe!  I wonder if your husband could...
I'm so sorry to hear about what you're facing right now.  Parenting is a huge job, and doing it alone is so much more difficult.  I pray you will find support both here and locally to help you.  If you feel it would be helpful, you may wish to search for a Mothers of Preschooler's group to encourage you as well.  There's a "find a group" link here:  http://bit.ly/100rx6s
New Posts  All Forums: