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That sounds like you are headed for a miserable experience.  Is the trip for fun or do you need to be at your destination that immediately?
Here is a link to a raw foodie in anchorage, if you are still there.  She used to offer classes, don't know if she still does.  She is very devoted.  You can also friend her on facebook. http://www.racrystalpalace.com/
Thanks! I am looking for up to seventh.
Hello! Does anyone know which colors are associated with each particular grade level?
All info here! http://birchtreecharterschool.org/
Hi! It has been a while. I have been busy helping to get Birchtree Charter School started. Is anyone enrolling their child? Also busy in general just from doing the solo mom thing. Wow, it sucks my time up! Do any of you know of someone who would watch my very sweet husky in their home for (cough,cough) three weeks? I need to go back east to spend time with my ailing father and to kennel her would cost me in the $400 range. too much for me at this point in...
Hi! It has been so long since I have been in here. I'm stopping in to put the word out that a new charter school will be opening in the valley this fall. Birchtree Charter school is a waldorf based school. Lottery Applications are being accepted until April 15. If you would like more info please PM me!
I bought it today because of this thread. I had a gift certificate. I hope used it wisely!
I am really glad to hear you made it and are enjoying it so far!
Quote: Originally Posted by Icequeen_in_ak My daughter LOVES playing with boys. She's such a tomboy, that she relates really well with them. Keep me in mind if you would like to get together! I hang out with a group of hsing moms that was getting together regularly when the weather was nicer. We have since petered out a bit. If you want to PM me your phone number, I will certainly let you know when we meet up again. Generally, we have...
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