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She is 13 months.
I'm a happy dunknswisher with my diapers, but I don't see why a diaper sprayer would fall in the "need permission" category of your average rental agreement (though I agree to check for sure.)  If you can't find anything in the agreement that makes you feel particularly strong about asking permission first, just don't. 
So... I have a friend who is one of those people who claim to be into Gentle Discipline but whose children really appear to just be... brats.  I hate to pass judgment on how she disciplines her children, but in everyone else's dealings with them, they're impossible and are considered neighborhood terrors.    Yes, yes, we can't fully understand their unique situation and there may be other factors involved I just don't know about.   But we attend church with these kids...
He's possibly teething, and that's what is waking him up more than anything.  Another possibility is a growth spurt where he may be needing some extra calories at night.
So, I have been a stay-at-home-mom for about a year now.  We're struggling a bit financially, so earlier this week I threw caution to the wind and applied for a teaching job.  Two interviews later and this evening I have been offered a teaching job and start Monday.   Now, over the past couple of weeks Baby Girl has really started weaning herself.  Husband works nights, but has enough breaks during the week that he can tolerate being at home with her--I'll pump and leave...
My baby just turned a year, and I find myself looking back at that first month with envy, even though I distinctly remember how hard it was.  My husband works nights, so he would leave me with goodies by the bed and sometimes come home to find me crying because the baby was too sleepy to nurse and too hungry to sleep so we were both up all night (now sleep-nursing is pretty much the way of things!).  I used to be perfectly comfortable with lounging around the house in my...
My daughter's first birthday is today, and that's when the n.p. and all other sources said we could start introducing cow's milk, which I'm for.   The other night, my mom says "Make sure you buy her whole milk because it has more fat than your milk."   Yes, because I lactate 1%.
So, Husband and I have been talking about having another baby (no set date) and I'm still nursing the almost-one-year old.   Now, on conception and nursing, I've heard the full spectrum, and I'm rather confused.  My mother says I would have to completely wean my daughter, but I know people have breastfed older kids while pregnant.   My cycle has not returned, but I'm also on the IUD which I've heard anectdotally can stop the flow.
Comment on both of these: I heard the "it won't hurt" too.  And, for me, I did exactly what the lactation consultant and the blog instructions said to, and sure enough, it didn't hurt. I was the ONLY person of all the other new mommies I knew where it didn't hurt.  I eventually decided it was more of me being a freak than "doing it right." On the second one... Friend bought into the nursing=birth control thing and now has Irish twins.
~Don't eat pizza, the baby will have an allergic reaction (????) ~I will have to wash my nipples with anti-bacterial soap   And, not quite on breastfeeding, but...   My mom assumed I would take after the women in her family and have small breasts.  Wound up going quite large like my dad's female relatives.  So, for much of my teen years, my mom kept talking about how ridiculously huge I would be once I started breastfeeding future babies.
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