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My baby and I are on WIC, so that helps out a lot.  We have $200 a month budgeted  for groceries, but I'm trying to make the actual spending closer to $100.  We can get meat and eggs from my in-law's ranch, so I think I can get by spending less than $25 a month.  (Only three of us).
We're aiming for a at least a hundred each month.  Part is going into a general savings account, another is going into stocks.
On the low side, actually, but that's always been the case for her.  Doctor wasn't too worried about that, either--and that weight/height was something she worried about months back when my baby was sickish.  Her last checkup was Christmas Eve, and the doctor felt, all things considered with her food intake, body type, and the fact she was breastfeeding, that the weight/height wasn't a big deal.
Daughter is nearing 10 months.  She's never been too crazy about food--be it pureed baby food, appropriate finger foods, etc. There was a period where she was a better eater (still not wonderful) but now she doesn't appear interested in eating much.  She's a very good nurser.  At her check-ups, the doctor asks about what she's eating, but doesn't seem too worried about the amount.    I've heard it said that before a year breast milk or formula are apt at providing all...
From what I seem to hear from the medical community, straying from the "average" rarely means anything other than the baby has a different pace of development.  Keep your health care provider informed, but otherwise I wouldn't worry too much.
Wonderful to hear about the apartment, justmamma!  I'm sure you'll find even more blessings.
Observed the old thread of 2013, never posted as it was huge.   I am a mom of a lovely 9-month-old girl.  I quit my job to stay home with her after she was born (and she wound up being a miserable little baby, so that was for the best).  We are still waiting for Husband to find a better-paying job. He graduated last spring with his bachelors in Geology and we're still looking.  He is currently making 10$ an hour plus his army reserves pay.  We're not elligible for any...
Heck, I'm gradually switching to plain soap I grate up (my diapers are all 100% cotton).  But, detergent-wise, I find Sun Free and Clear to be the most cost effective while working just fine, though my cousin loves Nellie's.
I taught elementary school for a few years.  Yes, I think teachers having advanced degrees is a good thing.  Education is a wonderful thing.  BUT those degrees do not necessarily make a better teacher.    I'll be honest:  Teaching is more of a trade than anything.  The aforementioned theoretical knowledge of a university classroom only does so much.  My state currently as alternate licenses to teaching certification--and I admire those programs as much if not more so...
Covers:  Thirsties.  THey were recommended to me when I started with cloth and I LOVE them.
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