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My daughter is 9 months and is still happily breastfeeding.  For the most part, we've had a great breastfeeding experience.  My plan all along has been to breastfeed for the recommended year and see how we're both feeling after that.  At this time, it looks like I'll continue past the year.   Baby's doctor is in full favor of an extension.  Husband is in favor of it.  My community is very supportive and encouraging (I guess I live in a great area.)   But other members...
I keep meaning to get a diaper sprayer--they don't seem to cost all that much!  But right now I just swish in the toilet and it works great.
I also skipped the newborn size.  The regular small size will be fine enough for her.  GMD Cloth-eeze are definitely my favorite prefolds, but Diaper Rite is a close second.    The recommendation on amounts you were given is excellent for those first months.  HOWEVER, when my daughter entered the medium size diapers at around 7 months of age, I bought 2 dozen prefolds of that size... and it's too many for us.  Just a note.   And yes, once baby starts best understanding...
Sorry about this!  My husband and I have a girl and aren't planning on another for another year or so, but we have had the circ discussion a few times.  Husband currently admits that, all things going well, there is no good reason to have the the procedure done.   WIth your husband, try bringing up your son!  Let your husband know that if the boy you have together will have the choice of circumcision when he is old enough to make the decision.  On your part, encourage...
 Agree.  Support nourishing your child!
The majority of people I've talked to on this have never felt betrayed or lied to if their parents did Santa.  'Course, that might just be a random sample.   Has anyone ever done a study on the emotional effects of those told about Santa?   (No intention of bashing those who don't do Santa because I do appreciate many of the rationales, just curious).
I'm glad to hear it's a phase!  I can survive that.
It has been going on about a week.  She is 9 months. She nurses once during the day, maybe twice, eats a bit of baby food, and plays.
So, working on getting Baby to sleep through the night (via tips from the No-Cry sleep training) and have run into a bit of a rut:  Baby would rather play all day with next to zero interest in eating, then has to nurse every two hours all night.   Any ideas on how to get her to nurse during the day again?
Just did this a few weeks ago!  Didn't realize the door handle was in lock mode.  Fortunately, Baby was asleep and after half an hour I found the spare key.
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