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I had always heard from the medical community that breastfeeding alone does not "ruin" your breasts--genetic predisposition to saggy breasts is supposedly the real culprit.
Thank-you! I'll be looking into this!
Technically, I was never told Santa wasn't real.  My parents just told us you only get presents if you believe [once we were too old].  In fact, they still say this (with a wink and a nod) even though all us kids have reached adulthood.  They never did the naughty/nice list, though, but were excellent about the whole Santa myth when we were younger--quite creative.  Which was interesting, because the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny and the like were never real.  They like the...
Husband is in the Army Reserves.  I recently agreed to become the new FRG co-leader.  Before I signed the paperwork, I asked what commitments I would have to make.  Everything the other leader told me sounded reasonable, so I signed all the documents.   Then... I found that within the next six months, Husband and I must attend a week-long training conference.  Okay, cool.  Sort of wish I had been told, but all right, that sounds fun.   Oh, you can't bring your...
 Hah!  My grandmother can describe the recipe in detail!  She laughs about it now, how it was all the rage...  It was part of the homemade recipe for formula. I was breastfed 6 weeks, then put on formula.  Apparently I was a very bad nurser, because my twin brother nursed much longer.
I think it's a fine idea. It's still soothing her,   For a time I was wondering about CIO.  I heard so many people say they did all these things while their babies still technically screamed and I wondered if the physiological affects on the babies were still the same.   I have yet to find any studies on attempt-to-soothe-crying versus the typical CIO, but from what I can find it seems any type of soothing is better than none (sounds a little too duh.)
I use fenugreek supplements as well as fennel essential oil.
Hey, monkeyscience, say your piece!  I expect to be joining you at some point.  All the healthcare folks recommended breastfeeding for at least year and I figure that is my most concrete goal even while I love the idea of nursing my baby longer.  After she reaches a year, I wonder if I'll be so keen on breastfeeding (I do understand all the awesome benefits.)   I'd daresay your feelings are more common than any of us realize.
 I find this such a crucial part of provident living!
I believe in a very literal resurrection.
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