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My baby had some  diaper rash that would not go away.  The doctor suggested Monistat smeared on it and left to dry.  Worked like a charm. 
A couple of minutes, tops. Granted, I never expected that. I had always heard mobiles were usually distracting, and I didn't give her one till she was about five months (I intended it to be for play time.)  But it plays classical music... and somehow it sends her to sleep.
See if your local news station has a classified section on its website.  I find that the best for getting local purchases.   On mine, cloth diapers are hot items.
My baby is around more screens than I would like her to be, but it's something I am trying to work on.  I don't think tv in and of itself will do much damage, but the research does scare me.   I wouldn't worry too much if Baby sees a tv every now and then, but I am against frequent exposure.
Lullavibe.  It's a sleep bad that vibrates and is wonderful for soothing baby.
I have a mobile for times like this (we co-sleep most of the time, but there is still a crib...).  She loves that thing, and more often than not it helps her back to sleep.
Does he have a stuffed animal that could be set aside for these times?  I've worked with kids this age and found having a stuffed animal they could just hug the heck out of during times of anger was a great diffuser and allowed them to take charge of their emotions (they were welcome to go get the stuffed animal whenever they needed it.)
 I am here because I wanted to offer you advice that tended to be towards saying your piece and washing your hands of it.  The rest of my posts wound up being in reply to another poster's response to me.  I sincerely apologize for a derailing of your thread. Now, if you would look at the other posts from me in this thread, I did give you advice.  The first was, yes, a call to consider backing off now that you had said all you had to say to your brother and sister-in-law. ...
I am pretty basic when it comes to tithing and would teach kids to pay tithing on gift money as it was how I was taught, but I love Nazs' ideas!
I think I'd like to better understand the laws in Israel to wrap my head around this in reference to the parents' divorce, but a fine... good grief.  I think this article is definitely more about the nasty divorce, but props to that mother!
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