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My breasts are giving me a hard time feeding my baby(one not lactating well and one might have a clogged duct) and I'm worried my little one will be dehydrated if my breasts don't go back to normal soon enough. Just incase, what can I feed her that is better than formula?
Thanks everyone, meeting with a midwife today. Home birth is a good possibility.
I would think about selectively vaccinating my children and I if 1)it was 100% proven that we would not contract the disease. 2)if the ingredients were altered to become more naturally safe. 3)if adverse side effects were non existent. And 4) if nothing was changed and there was a real life or death situation then I would vaccinate
Yeah I am refusing Doppler. That's what they were trying to scare me into getting today. Because they claim without the scans they cannot know where and how the baby is..they "cannot provide proper care". I guess they are going so hard because NO ONE in NYC refuses ultrasound. I have had no complications so far, thank God. I'm about 35 weeks. There really is no real medical reason for an ultrasound beside what he said today, "we cannot tell where the baby is"... or for...
We would like to. Though a few things are stopping us from going ahead. 1) late in pregnancy 2) running around-husband works 3) stress A midwife can help a lot. We'll into it right away.
Has anyone else done this that might wanna share their hospital experience? Doctors threatened legal action because "the baby has rights too"...and "we're refusing proper care".... Im sure it was just scare tactics. These guys are pretty good at putting fear into young mothers hearts. Any thoughts?
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