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I am, thank you!
This fits me perfectly!   I like to put a positive spin on the threads I've killed.  I take it as my reply was so perfectly written and every argument so eloquently worded that no one else felt the need to contribute and left my post there in all it's glory.    :)
Hi everyone!  I'm Pia.  I'm a 20-something nomad (and avid learner) who is trying to concieve naturally after a devastating loss in July.   I'm currently visiting the family farm in Central Kentucky, where I was born and raised roaming the hillside.   I hope to get to know you all and learn a bit while I'm here.   If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask!   - Pia
I've contemplated getting a leash for my niece.    She's 15 months old and has absolutely no fear.  Around the time she learned to walk, she learned to run.  Now she's a climber and has no problem scaling anything with ledges.  Her balance isn't the best and so those things terrify me.   I don't think I'd ever get one for her though.  Any confinement or restraint sends her into screaming fits.  She just wants to be free to play and explore.   So, I'll always...
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