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Thanks! I appreciate the well thought out replies.  In the country where I live now, if you are not licensed in your home country, you cannot practice here. That is why I am thinking about that part of things. Have a great day!
I want to become a midwife. My questions for you all are these: I've heard talk of CPM's being outlawed in the future, especially those who do not have a degree or have not gone to a MEAC school.;   Is there any possible truth to this? I know it is state by state, but where does the trend seem to be going? Any thoughts?
Is there anyone else out there doing this?  I am curious about your experiences and where you are....   Thanks!             http://deardouladiary.blogspot.com.au/
I'd love to here about your experiences there!
Hi there,   I've been a doula 2 years but am new to this forum.  I live overseas and am a volunteer doula here (I'm from the USA).  I'm excited to look around and learn from you all! Check out my blog if you are interested.     It's http://deardouladiary.blogspot.com.au/
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