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I'd be inclined to ask the landlady if the inspector showed her the section of code where it states that.  And then look it up myself.  I'd also look into ways to challenge this violation.
As a lifelong member of the clean your plate club do you think that you could change your mindset enough to be able to leave the food on your plate when you're full and wrap it up and place it in the fridge right away?  Then when you're hungry again in a few hours or so, you have the rest of your plate to finish up, thus cleaning your plate?  Also, when you're cleaning up after a meal, do you immediately put all the food away before doing anything else?   I think it...
He's the one with his knickers in a wad so he is the one who needs to call.  FWIW, we're in Sacramento where they've also detected minuscule amounts and I'm not at all concerned about it, nor is my DH.
Damn You Auto Correct best of Feb. strikes. http://damnyouautocorrect.com/6101/15-most-popular-autocorrects-from-february-2011/
Remember Anthrax?   Remember Bird Flu?   Remember Swine Flu?   As horrible and concerning the nuclear mess in Japan is, especially on top of a huge earthquake and tsunami, portions of our media appears to be more concerned with over stating the risks for those of us in the US than in actually taking a breath and realizing that there is so much distance between us and Japan that our risk here is practically non-exsistent.  Sensational stories equal higher...
If anyone's still looking for an Irish dessert I just read that apple based desserts are very popular.  Pies, crisps, crumbles, dumplings and the like.
  Nah, tell them you're going for a full football team and then have fun watching their heads explode.
So she's forgotten about the fact that Mary was pregnant with and gave birth to Jesus out of wedlock?
I think I'd tell her I have no interest in her drama whatsoever and hang up. 
DH is pouting once more this year about the fact that I won't make corned beef and cabbage.  Never really liked it so not interested in putting all that effort into it.  Years past I've made shepard's pie but this year I'm switching it up and making fish and chips.  I like the idea of a green dessert (who am I kidding, I just like the idea of dessert ), gonna have to think about that one.  Saw a recipe for green velvet cupcakes on Food Network today....
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