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Have you tried a squeeze bottle?  It would be easier to control the batter and get it where you want it.  There are heart shaped pancake molds out there too.
Your six month old should be able to sit on your lap if you want and lap babies don't need a ticket.  Your three year old needs a ticket (lap babies go up to age 2 I think)  We always checked out car seats with our luggage.  We bought a bag specifically for it that had wheels on it and straps to wear it like a back pack, I found it at Babies R Us.  Not the most comfortable thing in the world but it works in a pinch.  I like to pack plenty of snacks and an empty water...
Why drag the teachers into it?  Isn't the PTA the ones who decided on this fundraiser?  Not only would I not want to put friends or family's names on this list I wouldn't want to put teacher's names on this list if they're not involved in this at all.
That's the other part of why we haven't been to more National Parks.  Camping of any kind does not interest DH in the least, nor would in interest oldest son.  I have no interest in tent camping whatsoever.  Hotel rooms near the parks are pricey and hard to come by unless you plan way ahead.  We have to prioritize our vacations and  visiting family halfway across the country takes precedent, and the bulk of our time and money each year.  Yes, we're spending a lot of...
I've been to Muir Woods which is a National Monument.  It's driving me nuts that we haven't been to Yosemite yet since we live sort of close but my oldest is so not a nature guy, he'd be utterly miserable after a few hours and thus would make the rest of us crabby.  Hopefully when they're older we'll do more National Parks. 
She's not a parent, nor a grandparent, if she consistently excludes you from activities, takes advantage of your DH's and your generosity and plays favorites with siblings who don't lift a finger to help when she needs it.  This is not how you want your DD to learn to treat people, nor is this a healthy example for her of how people should treat her.  Your DD will notice and figure things out soon, especially if your sister's have kids and their kids are preferred over...
Yep.  So handy!  There's also an ap that helps you find your car after you park it.  Came in really handy at Harry Potter World and Kennedy Space Center.  So wish I had it 11 years ago when we spent well over an hour trying to find our freaking car after the Rose Bowl!  LOL  Heck, there's an ap for anything.
I hardly used a cell phone too.  Then I got an iPhone.  I love accessing the internet wherever I am.  I love Google Maps.  I love having my iPod built into it, so I can listen to my music and audiobooks wherever I am without carrying an extra device.  I love all of the different aps (sit and pee is great for unfamiliar cities when you need a bathroom!).    Just think, you're stuck in line somewhere and instead of twiddling your thumbs you could check MDC!  LOL
I think she needs to keep open cups either in the kitchen or on the kitchen/dining room table.  If she wants to drink in the living room then it should be a sports bottle or something with a lid and straw, assuming you have some of those around.  That's the rule with my guys, open cups need to stay on the table, cups with a lid and straw or other type of cover can go in the living room or their bedrooms.  On the very rare occaisions they're allowed to bring an open cup...
I would write them a letter and send it return receipt or whatever it's called, where they need to sign that it was received.  I would ask to be informed of what action will be taken to retrain the staff and perhaps make it clear that if satisfactory action wasn't taken then you would consider contacting the media, etc.  I would also visit www.firstright.org  They can help you plan what steps to take as well as document this for any future use, pending NIP bills, etc.
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