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Been twice as an adult to Disneyland and will be bringing the kids there this spring.  Can't wait!!
There was a thread on this back in Sept. when this blog first posted the story.
It may not have started out as a suicide but something else and perhaps ended with a suicide attempt once the guy was surrounded.  Have you checked the local news websites?  I can't imagine something like this wasn't covered by the paper or news station.
Get involved by volunteering in your child's classroom and/or the PTA/PTO.  Our school allows sugary treats for celebrations but you must also provide a healthy alternative.  It won't happen or work if you don't try and don't get involved.  Feel out the other parents and see if there are any others who would be on board with you.
But breastmilk isn't the best for baby.  It's the standard, the norm.  If it were phrased in that way would formula continue to be just as acceptable of an option?
But they haven't mailed any paper invites.  They only sent save the date e-mails to everyone.  What I'm wondering now is whether or not they're going to mail the invites now that their little scheme has been blown wide open.  No way in heck would I be sending any sort of present.  Enjoy your vacation!!
There is no polite way to tell her any of this, she's demonstrated that quite well over the years.  I agree with those who are saying to just pick one of each and be done with it.  Throw a mental dart and what it hits is it.  Personally, I would not go with her for a day since that would only validate in her twisted mind that what she is doing is right and that in spite of all of your protests to the contrary you really do want to do this.  Using normal reason and logic...
Personally I wouldn't do it.  While I'm sure I could eventually learn how to drive such a beast I highly doubt I'd be interested in learning while pregnant and no way on earth would I want to drive that kind of distance, alone, with 6 young kids in the back.  No way, no how.  We moved from WI to CA when it was just hubby, me and two cats.  We drove our car and for me that was nerve wracking enough.  I had never seen mountains before and driving up and over the Rockies...
I don't even do regular facials for crying out loud!  Why on earth would I put effort into doing it down there?  LOL
New Posts  All Forums: