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I tried CFL's and they burnt out faster than the regular light bulbs did.  That and the mercury, not being able to easily dispose of them when they do burn out has turned me off.  I did just see some LED light bulbs at Target last week.  Yes, they are pricey but they're steadily coming down in price and I take the Target sighting as a good sign that they'll come down even more and be more widely available.  Unfortunately, they didn't have any in the type I needed or else...
WHO's response.   http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog/2011/1/17/should-solid-foods-be-started-earlier-than-6-months.html
No I wouldn't.  Physical possessions aren't as important to me as family and certainly not as important as my children knowing their daddy and being with him for two years.
Unicef's response that was published the day after this story hit the media.   http://www.babyfriendly.org.uk/pdfs/unicef_uk_response_to_BMJ_article_140111.pdf   And a great breakdown of it.       http://www.analyticalarmadillo.co.uk/2011/01/starting-solids-facts-behind-todays.html
It's at the bottom of the analysis that was published in the BMJ.   http://www.bmj.com/content/342/bmj.c5955.full
Here are a few different butterbeer recipes.  Along with other recipes based on the books.   http://www.mugglenet.com/misc/rosmertas/index.shtml   Butterbeer is pretty sweet, like liquid butterscotch or even sweeter cream soda.  It wasn't hot or warm, thank goodness because when I was there it was a hot, humid day.  I know in the books it's described as warming and maybe they offer a warm version during the cooler months but the one I tried was cold.  And while I...
I went in September and it was fantastic!  Well, except for the fact that they way cool, high tech Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride broke down as we were standing in line for it. :(  But the long walk through the castle still made it worth it IMO.  The attention to details was AMAZING and WONDERFUL!!!  They talk about it on the official website but what they don't mention on the extras, like in the women's bathroom you listen to Moaning Myrtle's rants while...
No I didn't.  I completely missed that thread.  A friend of mine, who isn't a member here as far as I know, posted it on her Facebook page.
I don't think I'd go for white since it'll show any soot that collects on it pretty easily.  Maybe a darker version of the brown that is on the stair wall?  But then it might blend in too much with the floor.  Hmmmm....perhaps a golden yellow color?  What kind of fabrics do you have in the room?  Anything multi-colored that you could pull a color from? 
I periodically go through my friends list and prune the ones that I never hear from or interact with.
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