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I'd love a 9:30 party at CEC.  My oldest hates pizza but loves going to parties to CEC, this would work much better for him than a party right around meal time since he could go and play and have fun and then we could go for lunch somewhere that he likes afterwards.
Another one to say no contact with your son and any future children.  He obviously has as little respect for your son as he does for you and there is no way any child should be around people like that at all.  What would happen if he snapped like that if he was in a room with your son and went after him the way he came at you?  No way, too much of a danger.
Top 10 submissions for December on Damn You Auto Correct.   http://damnyouautocorrect.com/category/best-of-dyac/   Tears streaming down my face this morning from laughing so hard!!
Human Milk Banking Assoc. of America.   http://www.hmbana.com/   They're a not for profit organization.
For me the difference lies in the fact that the fictional person in this quote is selling slings and happens to be using one of her kids as a model.  She isn't selling her child's love of wearing dresses and the concept of allowing kids to experiment and try on new personalities. 
I don't why not.  I did that with my youngest after figuring out he really didn't like the right side and I gave up trying to force it.  He was happy as a clam with just one side and my body quickly adjusted.  Yes, I was lopsided (I only had one baby to nurse so this might not happen to you) but it didn't last forever.  He hasn't nursed in well over a year and my breasts are the same side again. 
  I don't even want to begin to imagine what her handbag smelled like after that. 
Having a nice steak dinner on New Year's Eve night and watching a movie or something.  New Year's Day we may head to a farmer's market in the morning and then I'm making a bunch of appetizers and munchies for us to work on while we watch Wisconsin play in the Rose Bowl in the afternoon.  Go Badgers!!  It'll be weird, the first two years we lived in CA the Badgers were in the Rose Bowl and we went to the game.  Not going this year because we live on the other side of the...
Yeah but I know she owns the mink bra and panty set, as far as I know she doesn't own any crotchless panties.  
Our Christmas present box from MIL finally arrived.  My present this year (technically it's my b-day present which is before Christmas)?  A red babydoll nightie with white polka dots, white fur up between the cleavage, red jingle bells on top of the fur and a matching thong.   What the freaking hell????   Oh, and a two pack of Mister Steamy dryer balls.  And a lovely birthday card.  Or, it would be lovely if she didn't use the blank half of it to berate us for...
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