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2. Does it have physical human characteristics? No
1. Is it a thing? No
Woo hoo! I got one right!! Oh crap, I got one right. Now I have to think of something! LOL Alright, got something. GO!
Is it the Deluminator?
Has it been inside The Burrow?
Train whistles sound cool but you might want to consider adding aspirin for the adults. LOL Seriously though, what about a box of crayons and a small pad of white drawing paper? Those always go over well with my sons' friends and they work for all ages except the really young one. I tend to steer clear of candy or food since some parents would prefer that their kids not have that stuff or there might be allergies.
Is it Buckbeak?
Is it something that only belongs to Harry?
Is it unique to Harry?
Is it at Hogwarts?
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