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Maybe try some Montessori-type toys? They are similar to Waldorf. The website below may have some items that would please everyone. http://www.forsmallhands.com/
It didn't quite read that way to me, thank you for clarifying. ;-)
I think you missed the sarcasm that was in the original post. She doesn't feel badly about it, the opposite. Most three-year-olds don't read nor should they be expected to read. Are you familiar with Waldorf??
Wow! I finally read these articles. I realize that we all have different circumstances...but I'm thankful and grateful that I stay home with my kids. I'm glad we decided to do preschool at home. Thank you for sharing.
A dress code at the very least. People tend to behave better when they're dressed better.
This is what we do too. All their toys are shared. They're young yet though. (1.5 and 3.5) I'm sure it will be different when they're older.
 OM introduces letters and numbers a little early for Waldorf so parents can comply with state standards. It isn't "true Waldorf" it has a bit of a Charlotte Mason approach as well, rather eclectic really.  Have you looked at Christopherus? http://www.christopherushomeschool.org/home.html I haven't used Christopherus but it may be more what you want. Good luck! (-:
Thanks for the topic. We have our son enrolled in a preschool program for the fall...but now I don't think it's necessary. I stay at home and plan to homeschool. I feel confident that I'm providing him what he needs with activities and what not. We're all different and with different circumstances. Trust your instincts, you know your children best. :-)
This is awesome. So true. Thank you. :-)
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