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Quote: Originally Posted by wifeandmom Big huge hugs to you. First and foremost. My heart hurts for you. Now, go back and read what you wrote, paying close attention to the bolded. I could have written this myself. Phony and contrived simply is NOT reality. It's just... not. No matter how hard we try to make it so, it simply isn't. You now have an opportunity. One that will likely take you some time to adjust to, mostly because ALL major life changes...
i can't afford to knit with fancy yarn. i use lots of tlc cotton and lion wool. i don't apologize for it at all.
I have moved my 3 boys (now ages 9, 5 and 2 1/2) around several times. Each move is different but ultimately we just say "here's how it works now, here's your bed" and that's it. No fanfare. But for a young one like you've got, I would stay with the crib so he's only adjusting to one thing at a time. And staggered bedtimes worked well for us when my 9 and 5 yo's were room sharing, but now that it's the 5 and 2 1/2 yo sharing we don't have to do that (yet).
I'm missing the kids, yes, but it's bigger than that. I'm missing the rest of what's not here anymore. The family, phony and contrived as it was, because that reality took me years to build and I razed it to the ground in just a few months time.
*sigh* I'm sitting here alone in my house for the first time in TWELVE YEARS.
http://www.vaccineawareness.org/Illi...Exemptions.htm Thanks. I just found this, which makes it pretty obvious they can decide whether or not to accept an exemption based on their own opinions.
Hi mamas! I'm a mother of 3 boys, my youngest being just 2 1/2 and currently fully UN-vaxxed. I'm unexpectedly needing to put him in daycare/preschool this fall. I've used an exemption letter to satisfy the vax record requirement for my middle son's preschool attendance, but he attended a PUBLIC, school district run preschool. My younger son will not be attending that same school. We live in Illinois. Does anyone here know if private preschools can require vaxxes...
That's exactly what I was going ot mention! Can you just use cards without color? Because the color thing assumes the child understands the red/yellow/green stoplight concept as well, AND that they can recognize and accept someone else's value being attached to the card color. I would totally push for a white card with a sad or happy face, which I feel IS totally appropriate given Connor's understanding of how his behaviors might impact other people. I also think it...
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