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Hi all - I am looking to start a thread on AP and multiples. I am the mother of year old twin girls, as well as their amazing three year old sister. In all the literature I have read, I haven't found much on the special circumstances of raising multiples and would love to find some support and comraderie. At times more than a bit overwhelmed, all the time grateful for such blessings and want to see how other parents are handling all that comes with multiples. Thanks!
Well, one thing we do is have dd in the bathroom with us while we are on the toilet. she is very interested in whether we are peeing or pooping, bending down to see it come out and watch it go down the toilet. Also, when she is getting her diaper changed, I ask her if she wants to sit on the potty - sometimes she will tell me before so that we can get her pants down and diaper off. One more thing - she refuses to wear either her cotton diapers or disposable diapers...
Dear Erin - Our daughter is just a couple of weeks shy of two years old and we have been gently introducing the potty for about 3 months, at her interest. There are days when she wants to use it all the time to pee in, other days when it holds no interest and we go with that. We also picked up two wonderful books on potty training by Alana Frankel, one about a little boy named Joshua and another about a little girl named Prudence. She loves to sit and read those when...
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