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bumping this up for some responses
Another daycare mom here. Somedays every single baby doll in the place is sitting in time out. The dollies are ordered around - EAT, LAY DOWN, etc. Now, I don't put all these children in timeout that frequently, yes it is what I use for corrective down time, but I don't yell at them Kids like to have *control* they just do - it gives them independence, and it's not only okay, but I think healthy as well.
I am in the camp of don't discount these people just because they don't parent like you. One of my very best friends these days is a WOHM, republican, church-goer, failed breastfeeder who *gasp* uses disposable diapers! We chat all the time and I think she is great - and she loves her dd very much
The Indian prefolds really are nice. Cotton Babies has some for $1.00 each! If you like them embellished there are several WAHM's around here that will do it for you, or you can check out www.hyenacart.com tye dye dreams I think has had them, and when Kellie (sp) stocks on Peace Love Prefolds - her's are FAB!!!
Okay, so I made these new red flecked longies for Liam. They are adorable on him. So, Dorothy decided to try them on - as capri's. She only weighs about 6 lbs more than him, so I figured they'd fit just fine. And her wearing them is what I am showing off. She comes out of the back room to show them off, and I swear I peed my pants I was laughing so hard. I barely got the pictures off because I was crying - view in reverse order See why I never got a good...
OMD!!! That little Lion outfit is soooo darn cute!!! Dh is *considering* the NEED for this set.....Help me out by sending the following vibes... Liam the Lion NEEDS that set Liam the Lion NEEDS that set Liam the Lion NEEDS that set
I just bought some wool today! Loving the colorways from http://www.malabrigoyarn.com
When I was pg, dh and I briefly discussed cosmetic surgery for the new baby. We did the research and found that the procedure was unneccessary and after very little conversation decided that though his son and my other son were circ'ed that there was no reason to do it. Of course we got the whole speal about the locker room WELL - I run a small daycare and ya know what??? There are 3 boys during the daytime and 2 are uncirced so much for the locker-room argument!
Hi - I just thought I'd hijack (since I'm no longer pg LOL). I had GD, and would definately recommend getting the testing done. Sure, you can poopoo the whole thing, but what IF....kwim? I did diet and exercise management, but it didn't lower my levels enough and I became insulin dependent, and yes it sucked giving myself two shots a day and monitoring my insulin levels up to 10 times a day. Yes, the whole *high risk* bit was a little much, but I really feel like I did...
Well, the dr. decided that we'll take a *wait and see* approach before testing for kidney reflux - since this was the first infection. Not a single mention of circ in the office, not that we'd consider it - OUCH! So, Liam is happy, intact, and sleeping soundly this evening
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