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I recently bought two soakers from ebay. New, crocheted and supreme in quality. Seller has some up now! These are like $9.99 each, some with free ship! http://cgi.ebay.com/100-wool-diaper-...QQcmdZViewItem ETA - My soakers did smell faintly of smoke, but like all my fluffy stuff I washed immediately. I used Llamajama's Tea Tree Oil Wash and then lanolized with a great deal of success.
Emilie, that was wonderful! It's really neat to read about how wondeful your DH was in all of that and you are an amazing woman. I'm sincerely jealous of your experience.
WOW I just can't swing the $$$ right now, and it's the wrong size
ARGH! I didn't get one My daycare kiddo's want to know what an El Bee is LOL!!!
I've nevah stalked before - but here I am middle of the day trying to get one of these gems!
None of my little pumpkins would take a bottle - even during a daily 10 hour seperation. We tried every trick in the book to no avail. I taught both Dust and Dot to use a straw at about 5 months and that worked a bit. Sorry, I'm no help My Liam won't take a bottle at 7 months now, but he'll drink a bit of water from a sippy cup.
We are going for the follow up visit today - with a very happy little guy, as the antibiotics appear to have done their job well - and will continue to work for the rest of the 10 days. I talked to my SIL and she says that her daughter has/had kidney reflux and was on some medication for a long time to treat or prevent infections. I wonder if that may be genetic? Liam is 7 months, and this is the first infection (hopefully last). I didn't circ because I figured some 80% of...
wow - what a freak! *experts* like the above ought not to be able to spout that which they have no personal knowledge of.
So, DS is getting over a UTI & kidney infection. Dr. who has thus been supportive of no circ says that if we see repeat that circ might be advised - is that right? None of my other kids have ever had UTI, so I thought fever was just due to ear/teething/etc. until it hit 105...and I feel horrid that I let it go for 5 days...anyway, is UTI a common issue in intact baby boys - men?
ME TOO!!! I like getting up in the morning and picking out which CD we're going to start off with...hmmm...should it be a fitted? am I in a prefold mood? maybe a pocket? PUL? wool? I LOVE taking them out of the dryer and folding the prefolds in half. I love snapping in doublers on my sugar plum babies, stuffing pockets, opening up the fitteds w/laundry tabs and closing them over the main touchtape, folding the PUL covers and then walking the basket upstairs and putting...
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