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We actually had one of the recalled teethers, but Liam bit a hole in it a couple of weeks ago! I guess ours wasn't one with the bad contents, or he has a good immune system. Last night he ran 104.3 fever! DH was truly panicked, but all of mine have run big fevers for relatively little problems. I gave him Motrin to bring it down because he was crabbing really bad, he'd been warm all night but was playing fine so I hadn't given him anything prior to that. I hate fevers...
thanks...i'd all but forgoten that song LOL!!!
http://www.hyenacart.com/prod_detail...=39527&vid=264 valentine pooh!
Gosh Meg - If you evah wanna fairy some wool!!!! WOW! Gorgeous stash!!! Vanyalos - wan't that element set up for sale? If that's what I remember I was totally trying to convince myself that I needed it! imgr8ful - LOVE the prefolds!!! Leila - the dunk-n-fluff pants and prefold with the sun!!! Strawhat - you know hoe much I love your stuff! I've got the 5 monkeys on my machine right now, just waiting for laundry tabs! I'm loving this stuff! My stash is in...
Meli - My Dorothy has FA's too - ana to tree nuts and soy. She also asks about food contents and will say * does that have nuts? cause they will kill me* funny to hear her say, but true. Thank you all for the compliments on the kids! I know I'm partial, but I think they're cute too. la mamita - cruising is holding onto furnitue while standing and kinda walking around. The Vote for Pedro is one of my faves, and probably will actually be unsellable by the time we PL!
I love the llamajama longies that I got Liam. I found out that our wool problem was Eucalan - not the wool itself!
Adorable! Love the stiching!!! Love the embroidery!
I'd recommend your stuffed dipe with some wool shorts over top. My dd won't wear pullups because she's been day trained for over 2 years now, but at 4.5 she is still an almost nightly bedwetter. She will however wear thick trainers I made for her with wool shorts, we seldom have to change her sheets except on normal wash days.
Wow. I know this may sound bad, but maybe you have created this situation by making him feel that whatever he does isn't good enough. Does he have to do things *your* way, otherwise it isn't *right*? He's probably as frustrated as you are, why should anyone have to tell him exactly how to parent and interact with his child? My other thought is that of course your DD is going to cry when you leave the room, she spends all day with you and at 8 months she is certainly...
I haven't posted with the June mommies yet...so this is my first. I've been hanging with the July mamas, which is when I was due. Anyway, I'm Tara, hoping to keep up with this group! Liam was born 6/28/05. He has 2 teeth, sits, crawls, pulls up and has started cruising. We have wall to wall wood floors, so his little noggin keeps getting bumped, and I'm half joking, but I kind of worry about head injury. He eats whatever our family eats, I don't do baby food except with...
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