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Quote: I love the diapers that you made. Is that your own pattern? Yes, it's my own pattern (can I say that? I'm not self promoting) Thanks for the compliments! Somewhere I'll have to show off the stuff I've made for my other little pumpkins too....
OV isn't stay-dry by any stretch, but it doesn't feel soaked either. If you aren't going to use microfleece, I'd go with velour or ov. I have a couple of dipes I use overnight that are just regular velour too.
I've bought some of my dipes on ebay, and on the whole I've been pleased. I just got a lovely RB soaker from there, and it was perfect. I also bought from Sweet Dreams Diapers, and really, for relatively cheap diapers they are okay - I use em only on wash days and diaper bag trips, but that's just because I make exactly waht I want. I initially bought some 18 Zippidys from ebay, and I think I paid too much, but they were perfect - must have been from a CD failure LOL!
oh she is soooo sweet!!! cute dipes too
Quote: Originally Posted by Darcy37 Have you seen any material with starbucks on it that is our favorite coffee place nope - but an old/new t-shirt would work The Gilley's was a t-shirt of mine from when I was a kid. My mom saved it, and then Dustin and Dorothy both wore it. I wanted Liam to wear it too, but it was becoming a little threadbare in a few spots, so a diaper it became.
LOL! I'm practicing my quick fingers for the next stocking I've been stalking!
I LOVE the one that says Wickida Witch!!! Too adorable!
Hmmm....i would think so. Does it work like wool?
some little girl surely must NEED those!
Cute baby & cute longies!
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