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The forum description for baby wearing is as follows:   Welcome to Babywearing! Here you can learn about and discuss all aspects of wearing babies and toddlers.   Once I clicked the forum and read the title of several threads I quickly figured out what was going on.  Then I started laughing at myself.   My partner and I own many baby wearing devises, i.e. Ergo, Gemeni, Mobi etc...  I just never thought about it as wearing our baby.  
At first I thought this forum was a sick joke.  Why would there be a forum about wearing babies?     I feel mothering should provide a slightly different description for this forum for the slower folks like myself.
I second this post.  
    This comment sums up your only option if she chooses to ignore you and prevent you from being involved.     If your daughter grows up without you she will always wonder who you are.  You seem like a caring young man.  Don't give up, stay strong, be resolved.  Fight for your right to be your daughters daddy.
New Posts  All Forums: