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I've been really nauseated, more so with this baby than the other two. No actual barging yet. Although I was a vegan for a long time, in the past week I've craved chicken and fish. I ate both and felt so much better. Other than that, sore boobs, some milk production (its been over a year since DS was weaned), and no sex drive (poor DH). Apparently I am also a tad cranky!
So sorry. Peace and healing thoughts your way.
In the almost three years since my sons birth, I went from 240 to 135. It took a ton of work. I'll admit to bring slightly freaked about gaining too much weight too. After chatting with my midwife, I've decided not to weigh myself at all unless I have massive swelling. That will take away my ability to focus on a number. Hopefully none of us go nuts over our weight!
I had an awful hospital birth with my first and I vowed never to repeat that experience! I found an awesome midwife and had a lovely, but super fast (2hours!!!) homebirth with number 2. We plan on homebirth this time too but I do see an OB for back-up care.
I am an avid equestrian and I'm still riding 5-6 days a week. I compete in eventing which encompasses dressage and lots of jumping. My current plan is to continue until I'm out of the first trimester.
Baby #3, due 1/23/14
Hello! I'm Leslie and I am from Milford (near Cincinnati), Ohio. My family includes my husband Terry, DD Arleigh (7), DS Merrick (2), one dog, and a horse! Although this baby is a surprise, it'll all work out. I was able to have a home birth with a midwife for DS and that's the plan this time too. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone Leslie
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