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My son is 16.5 months and we've had these phases on and off for the last few months. It is typically teething with some developmental stuff thrown in and a dash of separation anxiety. I just try to roll with it and survive til bedtime lol. 
We try to do story time at the library a few times a month. We occasionally have my friend over with her 2 year old. Other than that, I don't stress too much about socialization with my 16 month old DS. At 2, we may look into putting him in a twice a week Mother's Day Out or something for a bit more time with other kiddos. He LOVES babies and kids so much. He also interacts with just about every person he sees when we go to the grocery store or Target lol. 
Both my MW and GP recommended Buspar while pregnant and BFing. From what I've read it is safe. It may also help to speak with a counselor and learn some relaxation and other coping strategies. Good luck mama! It's tough!
I completely agree with michelleepotter. Texas is awesome! I also live in Houston, but I am about 15 minutes from the beach which I love! Probably a bit different beach experience than California, but still it's awesome.    There's tons of things to do here with kids, free or otherwise. There's something for everyone. It is very diverse so you will be exposed to people from all walks of life. Our economy is doing really well and the cost of living is one of the...
My son was born at St. Luke's in January 2012. I started out with the midwives and really enjoyed most of them. They each took the time to talk with me about any concerns and questions I had. I risked out of their care around 35 weeks due to uncontrolled gestational diabetes. Theodora personally selected an OB for me based on how compatible she thought we'd be. I started seeing Dr. Espana and he is amazing! I had to be induced unfortunately, but the nurses and Dr. E...
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