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Respectfully, I think that's the wrong question. It's not nearly as important to know if women are ready for childbearing sooner than men than to know why people believe that this is true.
Candida antigen is packaged single dose and should not have thimerosol if that's an issue. It's a treatment that helps to form an immune response to the wart. If you are not sure you want to go that route yet, a benign option is to try a ramped up version of the home remedy of covering the wart with masking tape. (This actually can help smaller warts.) The ramped up version is after the procedure to burn/cut out the wart heals, cover and keep it covered with a silicone...
My middlest daughter (we have three children) would similarly sometimes feel that certain behaviours were worth doing regardless of consequences. We all do that sometimes, huh? For us what worked was my gently saying "you're strong enough to cause hurt, are you strong enough to be kind when you don't want to?" Then I'd hand her a paper gem and say "treasure doing good?" She loved those gems and would sometimes sift through them and tell her sister stories about "choosing...
Vitamins A,C,E,and zinc all help mucous membranes function. We like to make smoothies and frozen smoothie popsicles to "vitamin up." Plus the cold of the popsicle is soothing to the throat. Hope your littles feel better soon!
Just would say that we waited for our daughter to express interest (age 9) and did it as a birthday gift... it was really special and she felt very loved and celebrated. Glad we did it that way.
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