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Congrats, redpepper86! I just had my fourth baby 4 weeks ago. I tore a little bit this time but just kept my legs together and let it heal naturally as it didn't look too bad. I healed great and it feels so much better compared to stitches. With my third, I got stitches when I probably didn't really need to and I wish I didn't...it never felt like it healed right. After tearing along the same scar and letting my body heal itself, I'm glad I left it alone...feels normal...
I have a Christmas baby! Charles was born at 6:35am in our big tub, after a 3 1/2 hour labor. My kids slept so it was just me and my husband. Best birth ever!
Congrats!! Lots of hair on your little one!! So glad everything went well for you. Merry Christmas!
Oh Almi, congratulations!! Thanks for posting the video, I got teary eyed, too! I wanted to straight up cry but held back. Sgnorton, been thinking of you all day! As for me, I am almost positive my day is tonight or tomorrow. Lots of action and pressure. If not, then very soon!
Yay! Hoping you are cuddling your little one soon!
Oh I hope tonight is your night then!! I think I started losing a little mucous plug slowly starting yesterday too, but it's not a big glob like I'd like, lol. I keep wondering if my water will break before labor really starts or not. It did with my boys but not with my girl, and I've been thinking this is a girl so we'll see! I also think this baby may be posterior. Blah, hope not! My first wasn't but my last two have been and the back labor is intense!
My fingers are too short to explore that much! Ive been having some good contractions on and off for the past few days but not regular. At least my body is doing something I guess...
Lol, very soft and somewhat dilated although I couldn't tell how much. Sounds like we're all progressing, slowly but surely!
I've got small hands too so I have to bear down to reach it. It doesn't matter to me to know how far I'm dialated or anything but it's just nice to know where it is finally! I was reading an old thread on this site and someone explained it as if you're inserting a tampon, the cervix is at the end of the tunnel. Lol. It's what made me understand at least, haha!
Maybe TMI but I found my cervix!!!
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