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Anyone homeschool a child with dyslexia? What programs did you use? What worked best for you? I am seeking a program outside of school to help my child with reading challenges. The school has declared that he isn't dyslexic but just "behind" because we took a year away from traditional school and homeschooled. Yet after two years back in school and extra after school tutoring he is still struggling to read and write. It doesn't seem as though he is catching up. I'd...
Thanks for replying. We are looking for at least 3br (house) and something north of 40. I'd appreciate any neighborhood suggestions. The kids start school soon and we have a month to find a place.
I was in ABQ a couple of years ago and I'm moving back this week. We lived in a RV before but now I'm looking for a house to rent. Any advice would be great.
Anyone familiar with it? Any opinions? Looking at schools in Austin once again and would love some input.
Is there an allergy test for food dye? My son had been tested for major food allergies (milk, soy, peanuts, etc) but I'd like to have him tested for food dyes. Has anyone been through testing for dye.
I'm going to a shower this weekend and I need gift ideas. The shower is for a friend who is having her 7th baby. I'm sure she has tons of things already but I'd still like to get her something. Any ideas?
I'm heading out to the bookstore and need a book. My 10yo is constantly picking on my 6yo. Any ideas on a book to help me deal with the conflict?
Quote: Originally Posted by rebeccajo Generally they call people whatever I call them. I don't think there should be a separate set of rules for children. If I'm allowed to call someone Bob, I'm going to introduce him as Bob to my kids. Exactly! I am from the south yet I don't ever recall calling someone Miss. ___ or Mr._____. First name or last name.
I haven't used them but i've made something just like it. I love them.
New Posts  All Forums: