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What a small world. I was born and raised in Ventura!
I'm so sorry, momma. Lots of love and prayers for you. I hope you have support, comfort and love. I hope you can find yourself again
Well shoot, I'd feel bad for them too, but like you said-they signed the contract. Sounds like this house is meant to be for you! Get excited! Good luck, I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Congrats on your new baby
We are going with the county
Hello! We have been praying about moving for a while now. We decided that if God gave us the opportunity to move into a house with an extra bedroom that fit all our specific needs, then we would begin the process to become foster parents. We are so excited and grateful to be moving into a 3 bedroom house mid-march!!!! I just can't believe that the house agrees with all our very specific needs AND has an extra room for future fosters. SO SO SO happy. You all can probably...
This question came up in a foster parent support group on facebook. I am more concerned about certain vaccines that shed and can effect my own unvaccinated children. We are going to start the process of becoming foster parents next month, after we move to our bigger house. I am wondering about how well this will go over if/when it comes up.
I could have easily written your post a few months ago! Sounds like my life lol. My daughter is almost 2 and I have a 7 month old. They are both very high needs and both nurse a lot. I love nursing them separately, or together when they are calm. But when my daughter is in a bouncy mood, her latch gets messed up, and it's just not enjoyable for me. Even if her latch is good and they are calm, it gets really overwhelming to have them both needing to nurse so often!!!...
Ok, thanks so much!
I just had to dig through one of our boxes to find our lease. It says, "A 30 day written vacancy notice with a full calendar's month rent is required by Lessee."
I called my landlord today and gave her my 30 day notice. I will be moving out mid-march. She said I would have to pay rent for the full month of March. I don't feel like this is legal. From everything I have read, all I have to do is give proper notice, it doesn't say anything about 30 days *from the first of the month*. What do you think?
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