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Who knows, it could be in your head or you really might be pregnant. My husband and I got pregnant with our daughter one of the first times we ever had sex. We got pregnant with our son the very first month of trying. With both I knew without a doubt I was pregnant a week after conception. My symptoms started VERY early. Let us know what the results are, good luck!
Well I voted no. I tried to nurse a friends baby before but the baby wasn't having itlol. I wouldn't mind nursing someone's baby or vice versa.
Candida cleanse! Do it! :)
I love making simple healthy meals! I make veggies with dinner every night, and it is by far the easiest part of the meal! I just throw broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, asparagus, brussel sprouts, etc. on a baking sheet and pop it in the oven. I top the veggies with oil, salt, and garlic powder, or fresh parmesan cheese. Yum!! You can make veggies like this as the side to ANY meal! As far as meat goes, baked chicken is super easy to just pop in the oven. I...
I didn't realize there were so many replies, I saw the first two and must not have noticed all these! Anyway, I asked for honest replies and that's what I got. I appreciate the feedback! Something that crosses my mind is that the cost of disposable diapers is around 850 a year and the cost of formula is around 1,500 a year. I just wonder why it is so acceptable to buy formula with food stamps or WIC, or buy diapers while on food stamps. In one year of breastfeeding and...
I couldn't tell you about tandem wearing with ONE wrap, but what I usually do is use one wrap and one carrier. I got a woven a while ago and it has been WONDERFUL. Way better than my moby. I usually put my 7 month old in the woven on my front and my 20 month old in my Boba (soft structured carrier) on my back. They are 20 and 32 pounds. It really doesn't feel like that much when I put them on right!! I had an epiphany today though. I was at a rally and I had my 7 month old...
All my life I got the "Christmas and birthday combined" gifts. My birthday is 3 days before Christmas so people figured one gift would be good. Meanwhile my brother, who's birthday is in January, got separate gifts. I know, I know, life's not fair, but as a kid it sucked! :)
LOL. I talk my husband's ear off too! I need social interaction or I will get depressed. I am very involved with the leche league in our area. I would be a mess without my mama friends. As far as daily interactions, I just hop online and message a friend or two.
I NEVER spend money on myself. Ever. I have wanted this tattoo for a long time. My family is on food stamps. Is it justifiable to spend money on a tattoo that is important to me while on welfare? We scrimp our asses off and have built up a savings. We don't have any debt. When we get our tax return, we will put most of it in savings. I would like to take some out and treat myself. Honest opinions of all kinds are welcome.
I would just add that I wish I would have had a doppler heart monitor last time. If it feels right, go for that UC!! Good luck :)
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