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I pierced my daughters ears when she was 5 months old. I thought they were so sweet and cute but now that I have educated myself on circumcision, I can't help but feel guilty for disrespecting my daughters body and forcing her to have holes in her ears. She no longer wears ear rings and my future girls won't have them unless they ask. If they do ask, I think it would be a fun thing to go do with them. I think it is similar to but not as extreme as circumcision. Right after...
Yep, I figured it out, thanks!
Thanks! Yeah, I just stared yesterday and I feel great! I am having a hard time feeling full, but hopefully that is just an adjustment issue. 
That's messed up to threaten a mother like that based on a suspicion of breastfeeding. I would feel very weird mixing formula bottles for any infant, including a non-bio.
Thank you! These are all really helpful! Can't wait to get my house stink free!
So sorry for going on and on about this. How long do you think I should do my diet for?
Oh my gosh that is so wrong!! Poor girl.
That's interesting, I wonder how this mama who wrote the article was able to do it. I wouldn't want to foster that age group anyway, but it's good to know.
This makes me so happy!!! I have been looking into becoming a foster parent and I was wondering if they would allow you to breastfeed a foster child. The picture is absolutely beautiful and the article made me tear up. LOVE.
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