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Thank you, it was very helpful! I've never felt so disconnected from a pregnancy before and I hate it. I feel guilty for not "wanting" this baby. How long was it before you for over the disbelief/ dread/ anger/ sadness??
Thanks :)   I ended up spilling the beans to my step-mom, her mom, sister and neice at our weekly "girls night" dinner last night. They are who I consider my true family... I know my Aunt would understand, having had pregnancies at bad times. She made me feel better when she said " at least you're married, and you're a good mom!" I still can't believe this! I finally feel "done" and this happens! I used to pray and pray for a BFP... crazy.
My husband is happy. I feel bad, but I just can't share his joy yet. I do cloth diaper and Breastfeed, and I have friends I can get clothing from... I just gave away all of my baby items! They say that will make you get pregnant lol
I found out 2 days ago that I am pregnant... and I'm so emotionally confused and overwhelmed. I didn't want any more children. I'm 29 years old and I'm raising 4 little boys, ages 7, 4,4, and 18 months. I was using OPK's and monitoring my cervical changes to avoid conceiving because I don't like putting chemicals into my body. I'm nursing my toddler and have only had 2 periods, and they were very irregular, but I swear that I THOUGHT I hadn't even ovulated since my last...
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