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 Seriously?  The point was to show that refusing a vitamin K shot CAN be an emergency.  Sorry you thought it wasn't "cool" to share the link.  I think it wasn't cool that the poor baby had to have brain surgery and almost died.
 Yes!  I think that's who I mixed her up with!
 You know, what, I think I have her mixed up with someone else.  I have no idea who, though!
   Mmm.  Her child died.  A few years ago, I think.  He had a chronic illness.
Your form is very condescending. Trust me, the hospital staff is well aware of what jaundice is and does not need you to explain it to them.   Are you aware that you don't need to be making up all these "forms?"   Just don't consent to what you don't want in the hospital.     Although for the life of me I can not imagine why someone would not want their child's bilirubin level checked.  It's not even a blood test.  They shine a light on the skin and test it that way....
It is unlikely that your husband will be able to cut the cord during the c-section- that's done in the sterile field, and your husband will not be scrubbed.   Why in the world are you refusing the newborn screen and jaundice testing?  
By the way, that's not an informed consent.  You don't list the risks of refusing the shot, and you don't show an understanding of the complications (saying you will watch your newborn closely is an example of this- HDN is not visible!).  
You might want to read this:   http://cestsibonblog.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/why-it-happened-the-truth-about-vitamin-k-deficiency-bleeding/   This mother had an all natural birth with midwives at a birth center.  She did not give her child a vitamin K shot.   Her daughter needed brain surgery from an intracerebral hemorrhage.  She almost died.   You say you've done your research.  I can't imagine what research you've found that says the risks of Vitamin K outweigh...
Judy Slome- I was curious about all the articles you've authored.  Is this typical of them?  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20949786 Really?  Epidurals are a drug trip, and it's like smoking pot?  Anesthesiologists are like drug pushers?  Is this they type of scholarly article you write?
Well, only about 1 in 250 of new drugs in development even make it to Phase 1 trials.  Of those that make it to Phase 1 trials, only 21.5% make it to market.  So, maybe 1 of those 300 vaccines in development will make it to market.  Maybe.  Maybe none.   http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-102908512.html
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