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Normally I wake up before the kids so I can do yoga, but now I'm so damn tired I can't seem to get out of bed no matter how much I've slept! Bleh. I walked for 45 min today pushing my kids in a double stroller, and I was completely wiped out afterwards. The hill at the end was awful. I'm looking forward to having a bit more energy in the 2nd trimester.
Congrats Carrie!
I had the intention of starting a homeschooling blog, and I got it mostly ready, then I realized how hard it is to make the time! I still want to though....maybe I will :)
wow, awesome! thanks!
I've been walking to work and I am hoping to stick to a regular yoga routine throughout the pregnancy. I've never really exercised other than yoga or hiking, but I'm happy with the goal of at least continuing to do both of those things.
a FB group sounds fun! :)
Mom2Cali- Ugh, that's awful! I would have been upset too :( 
Well I got the blood tests and my midwife told me that my hormone levels are perfect for 6 weeks pregnant! yay!   Sunshinemama- I'm sorry you had to deal with such negativity! My family is generally negative about most things, so I understand the desire to not tell people things. I've adopted an attitude of telling them anyway, shrugging off the negativity, and keeping my distance from them as much as I need to. Basically I just keep telling myself that I really...
Haha wow, that's funny. Though my fiance won't be in the army much longer...only a few months and I CAN'T WAIT! I just want him home with me.
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