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Thanks! It's a bit interesting now with our foster kids being 2 year old twins, and we have a 2 year old (well, soon 2.5) bio kid as well. So many 2 year olds! Some days are a real challenge.
How about if you're fostering? We have 3 bio kids (a 4th in the plans). And are fostering 2 kids atm. that'll probably stay for a long time.
I know this thread is "old", I just had to add this link to "The Patience Song", there actually is one! She explains she doesn't know where it's from, Herbert the Snail or summat? Anyway. We sing it a lot. I just changed out "God" in the song with "mum" since we're not religious. http://vimeo.com/36839100   ETA, hah, I googled "Herbert the Snail" and here is the original song too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kn6Z2Mop5I   We'll just stick with ours...
I don't "belong" in here. I just wanted to say I'm sorry you are goin' through this. What a horrible situation. And I would do the same as you, view this as an emergency situation where the kids need to be separated while you figure this out. I would get a therapist asap. Thinking of your family.
We've always taken the kids, all ages, every year. But there are loads of kids watching, lots of them in the parade too. Might be different where you live, I dunno. :)
Usually in the family bed. Or the stroller. By 8 months he wouldn't fall asleep in a carrier unless he was way too overtired.
Oh btw, I would never say it is too much. Just that I don't think *I* would want to. But it's certainly not "too much" (whatever that is).
My 28 month old has cut down on it on his own, but if he still nursed that much I would probably put my foot down. In a gentle way and gradually of course. But I don't think I could do that, personally. And I think that's ok. And my son BF'ed every 2 hours until (from newborn) he was 15 months! I weaned him off night nursing now when he turned 2 because I was not ok with it anymore, and that went very well. And just now when he was 26 months he cut out day nursing...
We use Animal Parade Multivitamins. http://www.animalparade.com/
I just had to talk to my kids about a friend of ours that killed herself. Well, not the toddler, but my 9 year old. I used the phrase "sick thoughts" and that sometimes people who get very sick in their thoughts feels like everything is hopeless and they don't know what to do. And they're so sad, that everything seems dark all the time and they aren't ever happy. And that some of them kills themself because they just can't cope with all their sick thoughts and...
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