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I put it (double) around his ankle when my toddler goes to sleep. Under his PJ's. I would not be comfortable with him having it around his neck, but at least on his ankle it is safe IMO and also still on his skin.
I put down some wishes for a c-section on my birth plan too. I just figured that if there was an emergency and I ended up with one, at least I wanted it on my terms. What I wrote about this was that I wanted the baby up to me imediately to "say hello". And I also wrote that I wanted the baby with me at all times, I knew the baby had to go out of the room for a few minutes to get properly wrapped in to stay warm in the cold OR, but that I wanted the baby right in again...
I would not let my kids go to that house, no way. Guns available? That is just a no for me. If the kids play with them, someone could get killed. They could play at my house. And, I would work with my child on saying no and setting boundaries for himself.
RStelle, I like your method in theory, but I have a very sensitive toddler, so if I walk away from him (tried it) he will get seriously upset and hurt and cry, and I would just have to turn around right away and go lift him up. He can't handle that. (It's the kind of cry there is no way you can be ok with.)   sageowl, 3 or 4 sounds like FOREVER. But at least there's an end. :) (And I'm gonna hope it's before then. He's a good talker, so hopefully it'll be long before...
I didn't. Still use the smallest size after several births and all. Try the one you have first!
Thank you, guys!   Mama505, the "walking home from daycare" scenario isn't about me, it's another mum. And she is not someone that'll carry her child, that's why we needed to figure out a solution without a carrier. She does have a stroller where the child faces here though, so that's good, that they can at least see each other. Thanks for the input, I think you also said some more things that was bothering me with the situation.
Thank you, everyone! I'm gonna try and switch it up a little to see if we can't end it sooner rather than later.   thursday2, I love that idea. I'll see if I can do that at least most of the time. (Sometimes, you know, when you're very tired or something, I forget stuff anyway.)
Thanks, you two!   And nobody has any good ideas for when your toddler hits you?
My toddler is 2 years and 4 months old. He hits me when he gets upset at me for any reason, doesn't get his way, can't do this or that, whatever. And we don't have a lot of rules, so it's not like he gets "no" a lot. I say yes whenever I can, and I let him do a lot that others probably wouldn't. I give him choices, and try to let him decide a lot for himself (within reason). But with toddlers being toddlers, and he has a temper, I still get hit a lot. Not every day,...
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