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We have tile and I put my 10-week old on our bed while I sit there with him and talk or fold laundry. I also have one of those sheep skins, which is super warm and snuggly. We are moving in a month and will have wood floors, and I'll probably just put down some towels with a blanket over them if he needs to be on the floor for some reason.
I've decided to do monthly "birthday" photos (both of my boys were born on the 28th) with Uli and his brother Ike for scale (instead of onesie stickers). Here's month 2:
We did. My son (8 weeks) screamed bloody murder in the car seat unless he was asleep. We took him to the chiropractor and his clavicle was out, likely from fast pushing/dystocia. I pushed for forever, changing positions often and got one that worked and we went from no progress to out in 2 pushes. Our pediatrician recommended chiropractic because of torticollis and ta da! Instant car seat happy. I wish I'd done it sooner.
Well, I finally took Uli to the chiropractor today and wish I had done it sooner. His clavicle was out, likely from my fast pushing. It was so neat to see where she was working and how he'd go from crying to cooing instantly. Hopefully this helps with his car seat hatred and avoiding the left breast.
I didn't actually see anyone nurse a baby until I was 25 years old, but I knew I wanted to nurse my babies. It always seemed like the logical choice, from a natural and financial standpoint. I'm fortunate that my oldest friend had her first a few years before me and was a great influence on me in that I saw full term breastfeeding as something completely normal.
Give it at least 3 weeks. Then 3 more. For my first, it took a solid 6 weeks for it to get easier.
I'm scared of the postpartum shed this time because my hair is the longest it's been in years. There will be wookie nuggets everywhere! Uli had his 8 week checkup today and he's 15 lbs, up from 8 at birth, and 23.5 inches, up from 21.5. His baby acne got horrible and the doc thinks it's probably eczema. Boo. I'm also going to take him to a chiropractor tomorrow because I think he might have some kinks. He strongly favors looking to the left, and the doctor wants us to...
I have a video of my first mimicking me saying hi around 9-10 weeks but I didn't count it as his first word until he said it to someone during a walk to the mail box around 9 months.
Cwill- You sound like I did last time at the onset of my PPD. I got help when I turned a corner into psychosis and had visions of hurting my baby that were hard to resist (specifically biting his ear off -- it made no sense). If your feelings get more intense, I'd definitely see someone about it. Right now, talking, diet, exercise and just getting some rest and relaxation time might help tremendously. Do you have anyone to talk to? Take care of yourself.
Mine basically wasn't mobile til 9 months. No scooting, rolling or crawling. He was huuuuuge and hated to be in his belly. We got him a walker because he loved to stand. He finally got over his belly hate and crawled, then started walking a few weeks later.
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