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Do you always feel like your kids are out of control? Or just right at this minute? Some of the stuff sounds pretty normal to me, I'm not sure how old the kids in question are but you did say one was 6. I have an almost 6yo and a just turned 4yo. If left to themselves for a while I could see them doing some of those things. On their own, not so much, at least not my 6yo but together they do tend to get into more trouble. Now my oldest two are generally more responsible...
Do you have any big open spaces indoors? I have a fairly big living room and sometimes I roll up the rug and push the furniture against the walls and they ride their wheely bugs around. They will do it for an hour most days and come back to do it again. They're a lot of fun and burn energy. We also go outside a lot unless there's snow on the ground or if it's raining. The kids warm up pretty quick and I have found that while they don't stay out as long when it's really...
I think a loose fitting dress would be perfect. I don't see how a bathrobe would be any faster to put on, and the dress would probably be more comfortable and you wouldn't have to worry about keeping it together. And I know my bathrobe didn't really fit at the end of my pregnancy, it wasn't wide enough to go all the way around my belly.
Does he want a gift? I ask because my dh sounds like yours, and he doesn't really like getting gifts and doesn't need anything so my gift to him (I LOVE picking out and giving gifts) has generally been not getting him a gift. This year I did get him a couple of things since he will just be coming off of deployment, just a couple of nice sweaters. Is there anything that has been bugging your dh around the house? One year I got mine a trash can because he had been sort of...
I'm with you.
I don't really have a lot of advice but I do have a similar issue. For me just realizing that it's there and when I need to be more careful about my behavior helps a lot. When I can feel myself getting very upset I can usually tell myself I need to step out for a minute. It helps me to step back in the moment and realize that the yogurt all over the table (and the floor, and my son) is really not that big of a deal and it only feels like a big deal because of my hormones.
Yeah, I take my kids everywhere. And they were actually all there for my pap, my 2yo nursed through it. I nursed through my last eye exam too. I don't think I've gone to a single doctor appointment without a child since I've had children. No one has ever said a word or been anything but professional.
Have you tried other carriers? My fourth and fifth both hated the sling for a while. My fourth loved the ergo (with her legs frogged up) and my fifth loves the wrap and baby k'tan which is my new favorite carrier. He likes to have his legs free and has since he was just a few weeks old. My fourth decided she liked the sling when she was old enough to be on my hip but still prefers the Ergo at 2.
No, not really. I have friends that I see frequently and I do sometimes hang out with their whole family but my dh works a lot and when he is home I don't really want to hang out with other people. I would actually say that most of my friends have never even met my dh. I generally don't get along too well with his friend's wives and he generally doesn't get along too well with my friends husbands, not well enough to really want to spend a lot of time together anyway.
It is disappointing and can be irritating to be canceled on. If I am canceled on because someone is sick it is no problem, it happens! And it is easy to explain to my kids. "sorry guys, x can't come over today because his little sister is sick. we'll see them again soon!" If it happens a lot I do begin to wonder if anyone is really "sick" especially if I get other (imo) odd excuses like "I'm tired" or "My dh took the car" frequently. Your friend was definitely rude, I...
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