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Quote: Originally Posted by doulalove i could've written this! it's so good to know i'm not the only one who feels like this. i always feel so awful thinking about it because i know i'm so lucky to have him home all day. i never mention it to anyone.
short trips are the worst because the car doesn't have a chance to cool down before you get there, and then the car is hot all over again when you get back to it. if it's really that bad, go out and start the car with the AC on a few minutes before you go. i have rear AC, so it's not so bad for me, but if i just run out and start the car and then go inside and gather the kids and their stuff it's usually cool in the car when we get in. you should be fine on your long trip...
Quote: Originally Posted by dhinderliter um....don't they have to be COMFORTABLE rf? i can't IMAGINE my ds even being able to fit RF AT all in a convertable. my oldest is average height for his age (turned 4 in may) and he was really comfortable RF until we turned him a few months ago when he hit 33 pounds. actually he complains about how uncomfortable he is FF now, and it constantly trying to get into my 2yos seat instead of his.
my husband isn't a teacher, but for the last 3 years he has been home most of the day all summer long. he usually works until 11 4 days a week and then is home the rest of the time. it sounds great, and it can be, but it is really difficult for me. it's hard to get things done because i usually do my housework when he is gone, but he's never gone! and he isn't used to me doing housework while he's here so it seems like he is always trying to get me to do something else or...
it seems to me that nobody takes you seriously if you're a first time mom, no matter how you parent. it was really hard to actually be a first time mom, i wasn't sure what i was doing and everybody had something to say, rarely positive, often patronizing or downright cruel. i've been going out a lot with just #3, and it's amazing the things people will say to me, lots of horror stories about how he's cute now but just wait. then of course i'm suffocating him with my sling...
no. my first two hated the car until about 18 months or so. i did turn them both for a ride or two just to see if it helped and they hated the car just as much, possibly even more because they could see me. my oldest was RFing until about 2 months shy of 4 and my 28 month old is still RFing and will be for another year at least.
another thing is, while nobody rode in a booster seat past 3 or 4 when i was little, now almost all kids that age are still in harnessed carseats. a 10yo in a booster was unheard of, but it's not anymore. it is quickly becoming the norm.
i felt a lot like angela before i actually had a doula. we hired a great doula for my third birth, and she was fabulous. we hired her because we have no family in the area and needed another adult around who could be helpful to my entire family. we were very open about this, but every doula we talked to was just so excited to attend a homebirth they didn't care what their role was supposed to be. i found my doula to be really helpful. she played with the kids for a while,...
i never had the infant insert, but i had no trouble putting my youngest in it normally at 6 weeks old.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThreeBeans Unless your kid is tall enough to sit safely in a seatbelt it's absolutely stunned to say, "Ok, you know, I think at 9 you are old enough to die in a car crash. No booster for you!" Good grief. If your kid needs a booster, put him in it, don't pass on your weird insecurities to your child (the general 'you' of course)
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