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thank you, MommyMandi and Viola.
My daughter's friend passed away this week. He was only 17. He had a heart defect discovered in March, surgery in March, was seemingly okay til 2 weeks ago when he collapsed and was put on life support. For a week we kept up with every development through facebook...the endless praying, total hope that he would be okay, friends sending messages. We were all hoping for the best. But he passed this past Tuesday. I hardly knew him, but my daughter was very close with him....
I just got my husband's name in a heart on my arm about a month ago. Here's a pic of a little of what I have going on. I am planning on getting my 2 kids' names inside of 2 hearts, hopefully for a Mother's Day gift!  
dang, I'm so bummed. I came here to ask the same question. No responses :(  Shelley, did you purchase anything yet?
Hi meemee. :) Ever since the year mom and dad died I have loved and relished winter time. I love the dark, I love the silence (like you said), I love the ability to concentrate on myself. The other seasons are so vibrant and busy. Winter allows me to heal.   I totally get what you're saying.
meemee. I just saw this. you are a sweetheart for remembering. Yep, the earrings. I don't think I'll ever forget a moment with mom during those last months. thank you for the kind words. Missing parents is so hard. The holidays are rough. I've been dreaming about my dad a lot this past week. It's been nice being able to hug him in my dreams Meemee, here's a hug for you, too. thanks for being so nice.
*nevermind* :)
*sorry...never mind*
pd, me too! LOL. It's so catchy and gets the point across. for me, this show is pure escapism. I live *nothing* like RZ does, but I *love* watching her life unfold. Now, I could have totally helped her in that grocery store
anyone still watching? I feel sorry for Rachel..she seems so distraught over the pressure to have a baby. Loved her grocery shopping last night. And proud moment for me...I totally noticed when Lady Gaga wore the Demi Moore giraffe shoes with one of her VMA looks.
New Posts  All Forums: